1830 Riot

the sokens


Triangle.gif (857 bytes) WHERE ARE THE SOKENS? In a quiet unspoilt corner of North East Essex the three parishes of Thorpe-le-Soken, Kirby-le-Soken and Walton-on-the-Naze (Walton-le-Soken) make up the ancient area of land once known as Eadulvesnaesa.
Triangle.gif (857 bytes) WHAT ARE THE SOKENS? It is believed that the land was given to St Pauls in London by King Athelstan around 931/940 AD. For six hundred years those living in Eadulvesnaesa enjoyed privileges granted by the original Saxon owners. Such privileged or "peculiar" areas were called Sokens. With the permission of the church those living within the Soken could make their own laws. Women could retain joint ownership of land after marriage. You could knock down your house without asking permission. No arrests could be made within the Soken without the bailiff being present. These and other advantages mean nothing today but the modern residents of the Soken appreciate and guard their inheritance with pride.

Triangle.gif (857 bytes) WHAT WERE THE KIRBY RIOTS OF 1830? Click on "1830 Riot" to read an account of the events that affected this small community. A full hardcopy version with illustrations and maps is available for 5. Contact Malcolm by e-mail for details.

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